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North Carolina
Property Mappers Association
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Certification Board

 MemberCounty  Term
 Wendy Williams Surry 2022-23*
 Robin Etheridge Dare 2022-25
 Ike Cannady, CMS Onslow 2022-24*
 Kevin Locklear Orange 2022-23*
 Richard Brown Wilkes 2021-24*
 Chip Thompson, PLS City of Kinston 2022-25
 Dawn Perry, Past President (ex officio) Orange 2022-23

*Completing remainder of an unexpired term due to retirement or resignation.

Members of the Certification Board are appointed to 3-year terms. The current Past President serves on the Board ex officio during their term. Members may serve a maximum of 7 years on the Board consecutively if they hold a Senior Mapper Certification but if they only hold a Mapper Certification, they are limited to 4 years.

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