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North Carolina
Property Mappers Association
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  • NCPMA-Administered Certifications

The NCPMA administers a certification program for NC Property Mappers with two levels of recognition. Each has an associated class and exam in addition to requirements for level of experience. A Certification Board administers the program.

NCPMA Certifications Application Form.doc

State Certification of Property Mappers

Certification program for property mappers administered by the Department of the Secretary of State.

Cadastral Mapping Specialist

Cadastral Mapping Specialist is an internationally recognized professional designation program offered by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). Information about this professional designation is available by following the link above.  CMS Designees in North Carolina

GISCI GIS Professional Certification

The GIS Certification Institute has created and now administers a program certifying GIS Professionals. Follow the link above for details.

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