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North Carolina
Property Mappers Association

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The North Carolina Property Mappers Association was formed in October of 1980 to help the needs of state and local government officials whose work involves mapping and land records management without regard to the unit of government or department in which such persons perform their duties. An assemblage of 91 mappers representing 49 counties attended the inaugural conference held at the Institute of Government in Chapel Hill. The groundwork for the NCPMA was adopted at that time.

Each year, NCPMA membership includes about 400 members representing at least 90 of the 100 counties of North Carolina, numerous municipalities, related state agencies, regional Councils of Government,and often members from adjoining states. The NCPMA holds both an annual mapping school as well as its annual conference each year. Other educational offerings include free Spring Workshops held across the state most years and periodic offerings of IAAO Mapping Courses (600/601).

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